Welcoming The
Taste Revolution

We’re in the midst of a plant-based revolution. We started Plant Up to bring a taste revolution to this pro-plant movement. We traveled the world, partnered with a diverse cohort of chefs to recreate the magic of your favorite dishes, made with 100% clean-label, plant-based ingredients.

That sent us on a Global Journey

Redefining Eating with a daring fusion of flavors and clean ingredients

We started Plant Up because we realized that plant-based meals needed a massive plus-up. After all, doing good for the planet should taste good too. So, we partnered with some of the best chefs around the world to make the most delicious, plant-based meals that you can make at home in minutes. All of the taste, with none of the meat.

Dumplings. Kebabs. Tikka. Curries. Sauced and spiced to perfection with a daring fusion of flavors found nowhere else on earth. Made from only the highest-quality clean-label, plant-based ingredients

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More surprising and tantalizing choices.

More unforgettable gatherings and memories.

More well-earned Wows with less work all around.

More ways to open up, switch up, whip up, and serve up.

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